Music can be many things — emotional, dramatic, and reflective — to the wakeboarder music is motivational. Feeling the rhythm at eighty feet makes a world of difference for the rider.

Liquid Acoustics™ state-of-the-art speakers deliver high fidelity music outdoors at a concert volume level. Liquid Acoustics™’ speakers are a work of art with audio precision.

You'll be amazed at the clarity of the music inside and outside the wake. Liquid Acoustics™ speakers represent one of the best — and the most technologically advanced speakers in the industry. Liquid Acoustics™ has redefined the term “Music” for discriminating music lovers and audiophiles.

Why Liquid Acoustics?

  • Exceptional Sound Quality

    • Liquid Acoustics™’ Tractrix® Short Horn Technology delivers crystal clear music to the rider at levels of an outdoor concert while passengers enjoy the music at a comfortable listening level.
    • High efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity, wide and flat frequency response.
    • Tractrix® Horn, proprietary compression driver, and a proprietary mid-bass driver, result in remarkably precise and detailed performances.
    • The crossover, the brain of the speaker was designed by Vance Dickason one of the leading speaker experts in the world.
  • Value

    • The grills, horns, clamp and mounting bracket are 6061 aluminum.
    • Each mid-bass driver is matched with a horn loaded compression driver (HLCD).
  • Patented Enclosure

    • The patented enclosure produces 180° dispersion pattern allowing the rider to hear the music inside and outside of the wake.
    • Proprietary acoustical deadening material improves mid-bass performance
    • Liquid Acoustics™ speakers have more internal volume than any other speaker
  • Installation

    • 2 minutes
    • Quick release for easy storage
  • Speaker Flexibility – Industry First!

    • Dual speaker plays in Mono at 2 ohms or Stereo at 4 ohms