"Just wanted to say that the Liquid Acoustics Boat speaker system I heard was top Notch. I think this is the best boat speaker system that is on the market. A very versatile system for both the boarder and the passengers in the boat. I have been boating/boarding for the last ten years. I have heard many systems and speakers that have come and gone in the boat market. I feel these are the best in quality of construction and quality of sounds.

What really sets these speakers on top of my list is how they sound while you're boarding. A lot of systems just don't cut it when your are hitting it up big on the wake. Most systems are just treble with no bass coming from the tower speakers. When you're out riding in your zone, you want to hear all the tones of your favorite song. That is why you see so many riders these days going to water-proof mp3 players. With Liquid Acoustics you can throw those cords and ear buds away and just have fun riding to your favorite tunes. Another great feature is the control you have with the complete audio system. As a driver/ passenger in the boat, you want to have good music but not so loud to make you deaf. Others system you have to have the music so loud in the passenger area to make the rider happy. We are all boat passengers at some time in the day, so of course we don't want to be deaf. So with Liquid Acoustics you can have the music loud enough for the rider and just right for everyone else. It just makes sense to make everyone happy, and liquid acoustics does. Thanks again for the great speaker system"

- John Guio