The Design
Designing a great sounding speaker involves theory, basic engineering, computer analysis, quality parts, many hours of listening and evaluating the musical qualities of the speaker in its actual environment. Liquid Acoustics’ designs are durable high quality musical speakers with crystal clear highs and clean hard pounding mids. Every part was engineered and manufactured to our specifications. It’s our attention to detail that makes our speakers “The Best Speakers on the Water”™.
Enclosure (speaker box)
Our patented enclosure eliminates the back-pressure distortion (standing wave) found in seal enclosures. This allows the mid-bass to reproduce even the most challenging music with clarity. The internal volume and the proprietary acoustically high-density material used to manufacture the one piece enclosure allows the mid-bass to hit harder with more sonic accuracy than any other tower speaker.
Mid-Bass Woofer
Mid-bass frequencies are the most difficult to hear clearly in the marine environment. If you are able to hear the mid-bass, it will sound very muddy without any detail. To improve the clarity and detail a new motor structure was designed. Choosing the appropriate voice coil and cone material is a major design consideration. The flatwound voice coil is perfect for this application as it improves the sensitivity (SPL) and is better able to dissipate heat than coils made of round wire. The mid-bass frequencies roll off naturally with more detail due to the specially designed polymica cone with a butyl rubber surround.
Horn/Compression Driver
Our Tractrix® short horn proprietary design is the most technological advance horn in the industry. Although the shape and length of the horn is unique it perfectly matches the throat and the frequencies of the compression driver. The horn’s large circular mouth and shape of the patented enclosure creates a 180° dispersion pattern allowing the rider to hear the music clearly inside and outside the wake. The horn delivers crystal clear music to the rider while the passengers enjoy hi-end quality sounds at a very comfortable listening level. The compression driver was manufactured to our specs to optimize the ohm load of the speaker.
The highly specialized crossover was designed by Vance Dickason (author of The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook) using computerized optimization combined with live testing. The results include technical features not found in conventional designs and include Time Optimization and Frequency Equalization. The circuits, although complex, are extremely transparent and to ensure superb consistency. The crossovers use only the highest quality parts available.
Quick Release Bracket
The mounting system is state of art. It’s simple to install, secure and has multiple mounting positions. The clamp installs on the tower with ease, it takes just a couple of minutes. Once the clamp is mounted the bracket that is attached to the speaker slides on the clamp is secured with a temper proof fastener (tool included). This system allows the speakers to be removed for travel or storage.
Additional technical information is found on the MANUFACTURING PROCESS page.