About Us

Liquid Acoustics™ is a group of individuals whose focus is on delivering an electrifying musical experiences to riders and passengers. Our quest was to develop the finest marine speakers available. Through our innovative design, advanced materials and state-of-the–art engineering new standards have been set for clarity, dynamics, imaging and realism.
To achieve the goal we needed to engage the most talented engineers in their respective fields. The search took us around the world and several years to complete. It was worth the effort, the speakers have exceptional sonic accuracy, wide dispersion, ultra-low distortion, vast spaciousness, precise localization, deep bass and staggering dynamics!
Even after designing and engineering the most musical line of marine speakers we were not done. Our most difficult challenges remaind to be solved. All HLCD tower speakers produce a sufficient amount of volume for the rider to hear the music directly behind the boat. The real objective is for the rider to hear the music in and outside the wake. Liquid Acoustics’ patented enclosure has it covered with a 180° dispersion pattern. The final problem was how to deliver electrifying music to the passengers. By design, HLCD tower speakers are bright (ear-piercing) sounding as the music exits the mouth of the horn and is the passengers’ biggest complaint. This phenomenon occurs due the length of the horn, diameter of the throat and shape of the horn. The longer the horn, the smaller the diameter of the throat, the brighter the music sounds at close range. To overcome the brightness of a traditional HLCD tower speaker a Tractrix® short horn was designed to match the frequency of the compression driver. the shot horn does not affect the volume and clarity to the rider. Liquid Acoustics™ is currently the only manufacture using the Short Horn Throw Technology.
At the start of the project we made a conscious decision to manufacture the speakers in America. This was a huge challenge knowing that most consumers electronics are being made overseas. This decision delayed the market launch of the speakers eighteen months. We came very close to having 100% of the parts manufactured in the states. The only parts not manufactured in America are the crossovers, compression driver, speaker basket and T- Yoke. Even though all the parts were not made here, they were all designed in America.
Liquid Acoustics is for those who want the best. We are the future. We are: